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The magazine “CulturaLatina & Österreichische Kultur” presents Ibero-American culture in Spanish and German, provides exceptional reading material, is a learning resource for those who learn Spanish, as well as for those who learn German.

The magazine is designed to read a report in two languages ​​and thus be able to understand the content in the best way. The magazine also presents Austrian culture and events from cultural happening in Austria.

With our magazine we promote cultural diversity, education and language integration and bring people closer together!

The magazine is a project on integration, education and culture, produced by Latin Americans and Austrians in Austria.

Parts of the magazine

In CulturaLatina & Österreichische Kultur you will find current reports on Ibero-American and Austrian culture, as well as reports, interviews, community, people, traditions, tourism, events, music, Spanish courses, cooking recipes and much more. In German and Spanish.

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